Illegal Immigration Fears Lead to the Suicide of Texas Student

Mission, TX – An 18 year old Texas student took his life last Friday because he feared he would never be able to go to college. The teen, Joaquin Luna dressed in a suit and shot himself in the bathroom of his home. His family stated that Luna lef ...


President Obama Urges Payroll Tax Cut Extension

After Congress returns following the Thanksgiving holiday break they will decide if they are going to extend the payroll tax cut that benefits middle and lower income individuals and families. President Obama gave a speech in New Hampshire urging ...


Senator Releases Report that Rich Get Unnecessary Tax Breaks and Federal Benefits

Republican Senator Tom Coburn released a report today that exposes federal subsidies and tax breaks given to celebrities and wealthy Americans. In the report entitled “Subsidies of the Rich and Famous,” highlights the 30 billion dollars in subsid ...


Gloria Cain Speaks Out About Sexual Harassment Allegations Towards Husband

Gloria Cain, Herman Cain’s wife of 43 years spoke to Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren about the sexual harassment allegations aimed at her husband. The interview is slated to air later today.

Herman Cain’s Campaign Addresses Sexual Harassment Accusations

GOP candidate, Herman Cain has been getting a lot of publicity, which has been bad and good, and now he is facing the very serious allegation of sexual harassment on two women in the 90's.

New York and Delaware team up to probe criminal foreclosures

Eric Schneiderman, Attorney General for New York and Beau Biden, Attorney General for Delaware, are teaming up to investigate the suspected criminal activity of financial institutions in regards to the foreclosure crisis. Schneiderman appeared on ...

Feds not Supporting Alabama Immigration Law

Obama Announces New Policies to Help Homeowners Facing Foreclosure

President Obama will announce a new program to help underwater homeowners. These people owe more on mortgage loans than their houses are worth and often find it difficult to refinance their homes. It often takes a foreclosure attorney to appeal f ...

Recalled Wisconsin Senator Busted for DUI

Randy Hopper, a Republican Senator who was recalled in August, was arrested for DUI in Fond du Lac this past Sunday. Luckily, this is his first so his DWI attorney won’t have trouble getting leniency. Local police were called to the parking lot o ...

Romney Advocates Letting Homes go into Foreclosure

Arizona has been plagued with unemployment and consequently has the highest foreclosure rate in the country. Many of these homeowners utilize foreclosure lawyers to keep their homes, but others look to federal programs for help. But GOP candidate ...

Congress implicated in birth certificate Conspiracy?

Congress aides and abets Obama fraud?

Congressional Conspiracy by both parties uncovered?


Leicester Exchanges Offering Online Platform For Public Debates

Leicester Exchanges Offering Online Platform For Public Debates

NSA Extraterrestrial Messages just practice for deciphering E.T. Signals, says clears up confusion about NSA Extraterrestrial Messages online fervor after false report and the SETI funding crisis.

Will the man known as The Donald Trump President Obama in 2012?

Tea Partiers Show Support for Donald Trump 2012

By: Daun Lee

Large Mortgage Lenders Oppose Feds Efforts to End Foreclosure Crisis

by Daun Lee


IIMSAM Official Dr. Naseer Homoud Elected For Two Prestigious Awards in Jordan

In a thriving development, Akhbarna news announced Dr. Naseer Homoud- IIMSAM Goodwill Ambassador and Director of its Middle East Office as elected nominee for its Man of the Year Award. Dr. Homoud also received an honor from prominent Jordanian n ...


SPPI Book Presents the Many Benefits of Atmospheric CO2

The new book discusses 55 benefits of enhanced atmospheric CO2 concentrations.