Harbury, Warwickshire 2/6/2012 5:52:33 PM
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Exhibiting for the First Time at the Spring Fair, Jan Freeman will Unleash Onion Jake

Jan Freeman lives and works in the ancient town of Harbury in Warwickshire. Jan's passion for art has developed across a period of time and she actually began painting initially as a hobby whilst resident in the USA. Jan's hobby led to her work being exhibited in various galleries in the States. On arrival back in the UK Jan lost no time in setting up her easel and carried on painting with increasing confidence and skill - her work soon came to the attention of galleries in Birmingham, Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon. Onion Jake was conceived after a taxi ride with a linguistically challenged French driver who mispronounced Union Jack! From there the characters that come to make up Jan's artistic family began to spring forth from the canvas with ever-increasing regularity. Jan began to see people in a different light, amplifying the humour and irony in every day life. A scattering of acute observation of the British doing what they do best (relaxing, playing and working) makes Jan's work stand out from the crowd and brings a smile to all who stop to ponder life's funny moments, whether imagined or strangely familiar!

Jan's stand at the Spring Fair NEC Birmingham will come alive with http://www.onionjake.com prints, cards and mugs - depicting her cast of snoozing beach babes, a seductive chocolate eating lady of a certain age and the girls getting ready for a big night out. Visitors cannot fail to recognise these characters - we have all observed them but no one has so eloquently observed them and with such glee!

Asked about her inspiration and plans for Onion Jake she replied: "The turning point in my artistic life was the realisation that in order to 'get my work out there' I needed to paint something that people recognised and felt comfortable or familiar with" she started looking around her at both celebrities and the great British public. It dawned on her that we're all celebrities! We're all characters with a story to tell and with just a look or a particular expression we can turn an every day situation into an opportunity for fun"  Jan is particularly proud of her http://www.onionjake.com/limited-edition-prints.html, Limited Edition Prints which, aside from  the originals, really show her work at its best. Onion Jake really has bought Jan a great deal of joy and laughter and she looks forward to sharing her work with the very people who inspire it.

Jan Freeman works from her studio in Warwickshire where she has run workshops for adults for over a decade now. 2012 marks an important year for Jan's career as she establishes her work on a national level and hopes to grab the attention of both the public and publishers.

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