Aurora 2/12/2012 3:30:00 PM
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General Awnings Identifies Latest Trends in the Awnings Industry

By identifying latest trends in style and functionality, General Awnings has created innovative designs.

After extensive market research, General Awnings has filled a void in the awning industry by identifying the latest trends in style and functionality. With this valuable research, they are now able to provide customers with innovative awnings at competitive prices.   

General Awnings is constantly expanding their product line to offer customers with new options. They offer products what are available for many applications including cover a single door or window, patio cover and 80 foot awnings covering a loading dock at a factory. 

Their newest creation is an awning that is light, durable and uses polycarbonate plastic, which is a popular design in Europe and Asia and has not been available in the U.S. market until now. Another new design General Awnings has created is a retractable rigid awning that is durable, attractive, long- lasting, inexpensive and has the ability to retract manually, electronically or automatically. 

Besides innovative designs, General Awnings has welcomed company growth because of their customer service and hassle free shipping to the lower 48 states. General Awnings is a one- stop shop for everything awning related and has done competitive research to ensure customers receive the best prices.  

At a time when energy conservation is important, awnings are an eco- friendly way to cool your home. Awnings can shade surfaces near windows, which diminish premature aging of wood and reduce the amount of sunlight that can enter a home without blocking a view. Many of General Awnings' awnings don't use electricity which provides additional eco- friendly value.

General Awnings works with their customers to accommodate challenging awning situations, such as an awning for a small window or several dozen awnings for an apartment complex. After the sale is complete General Awnings will work with their customers to assure customer satisfaction.

General Awnings will continue to be on the forefront of inventing new products to provide customers with the best options at competitive prices. 

About General Awnings:

General Awnings was founded Colorado custom home builder with many years of successful experience. General Awnings was created with the environment in mind and strives to help consumers reduce energy consumption and improve the appearance of homes. General Awnings offers the best selection of awnings for residential and commercial customers, eliminating the need to spend time searching various sources for the right awning. General Awnings works with experienced, carefully screened local installers, so customers have the satisfaction of knowing that everything is done properly, the jobsite is left clean, and you are not overpaying. For more information please visit or call 1-888-768-8404.