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What's in a Name? Lisa Schuetz - Handwriting Expert, Publishes New Kindle Guide That Reveals What a Signature Says

As Valentine's Day approaches, graphologist's "5 Easy Steps to Analyzing Signatures" sheds light on love's true colors.

Handwriting analysis expert Lisa Schuetz has published a new guide on Amazon Kindle - just in time for Valentine's Day.

5 Easy Steps to Analyzing Signatures (Kindle edition) includes free bonuses including a 30 minute video - of signatures and signature analysis she couldn't include in the guide.

Take another look at those pretty little love notes, says graphologist Lisa Schuetz. And pay special attention to that signature at the end. The loops, slants and flourishes - they all bear a message.

It's a seemingly simple element, but a signature holds a rare key to a person's true nature, she says. Signature analysis and handwriting analysis hold clues to the inner workings of a personality.

All handwriting speaks to what the writer is really like, but the signature is the most intimate piece of handwriting, she says.

Handwriting can be thought of as "brain writing," she says, offering a direct line to the traits, strengths and flaws of the writer.

In the age of emails and texts, a handwriting note offers a rare glimpse into real character.

As you think of your Valentine's Day coverage, consider the unique perspective into a person's true nature that a signature serves up. Lisa Schuetz can talk about this and more - what to look for in handwriting and the meaning behind various handwriting characteristics.

With the rise in the interest in personality and handwriting analysis, this Kindle offering is what every Valentine should have on hand.

Make sure you get your free graphology bonuses at http://lisaschuetz.com/signature-analysis-bonuses. Learn about your Valentine (and yourself).

About Lisa Schuetz:
Handwriting analysis expert Lisa Schuetz holds a masters degree in Jungian psychology and has trained in American and Gestalt approaches to handwriting analysis. She writes about handwriting, body language and personality at http://ReadingGestures.com and http://facebook.com/HandwritingAnalysisHowTo. She was among the authors chosen to contribute a chapter to the book "Audacious Aging," joining such other prominent writers as Deepak Chopra and others. She teaches via live Webinars.

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