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Wallace Wood Estate Appoints J. David Spurlock as New Director

Wallace (Wally) Wood is one of the most celebrated cartoonist-illustrators of all time. Wood's co-creator efforts on such properties as Daredevil, Weird Science, T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, MAD, Witzend, Mars Attacks, etc., has earned him great acclaim both during his lifetime and posthumously including inductions into the Eisner, Harvey and Inkwell Halls of Fame. Since the passing of the legendary cartoonist-illustrator, author and graphic novelist, just after Halloween, 1981, The Wallace Wood Estate has been managed in keeping with the artist's Last Will & Testament.

The Estate's original Executor, who was selected by Wood himself, quickly enlisted long-time Wood associate, Creepy magazine writer and Charlton Comics editor Bill Pearson, to serve as Director of new Estate-related business. Under Pearson, Wood's legacy has continued with various authorized collections including Woodwork (Crouch/Sea Gate) The Complete Cannon (Fantagraphics), The Wally Wood Sketchbook (Vanguard), The Complete Sally Forth(Fantigraphics), The Complete Wally Wood Lunar Tunes (Vanguard), Illustrator Archives Wallace Wood Portfolio (Buffalo Nickel), The Wizard King Trilogy (Vanguard) and more.

Since the new millennium, J. David Spurlock has served in a support role to Mr. Pearson, acting as Agent for the Estate. Mr. Spurlock has worked for years with the Wood family and Estate on various projects including Wood's acclaimed biography, Wally's World (with Steve Starger, Glenn Wood and Tatjana Wood), co-founding The Wally Wood Scholarship Fund (with Glenn Wood), Curating the Wally Wood Day event at The National Arts Club (with Roger Hill), The Wizard King Trilogy (with Tatjana Wood), and more. 2011 saw a transitional period for the Wood Estate, with Mr. Spurlock taking over much of the day-to-day activities.

As of January 2012, Mr. Pearson has stepped down as Director of the Wood Estate to concentrate on other pursuits, but he will continue on, as a consultant, with the title of Director Emeritus. Mr. Spurlock has been appointed the new Director of the Wallace Wood Estate.

Mr. Pearson said, "Representing my friend Wallace Wood's estate for the last thirty years has been an honor but also a responsibility. I'm passing on that responsibility to my friend and associate J. David Spurlock, with confidence that he'll continue to respect and protect Wood's legacy well into the future." Spurlock is no stranger to looking after the interests of artists. The award-winning author has been long-associated with star talents including Frank Frazetta, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Joe Kubert, Julius Schwartz and Carmine Infantino. Spurlock's decades of service to artists, artist's rights, and artist advocacy includes: Art Instruction at various Universities with a focus on law as it effects the artist; Multiple terms as President of the Society of Illustrators in Dallas; Decades of work representing artists; Founding of Vanguard Publishing--designed to best serve and present artists; Founding of various University scholarship funds; Lecturing nationally on artists rights, copyright, trademark, and intellectual property law; Member David S. Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies Arts & Letters Council (was instrumental in expanding the Babbitt Holocaust campaign to include Neal Adams, Stan Lee and many others); Original Art Appraiser for Museums and other entities; Goodwill Ambassador for the Inkwell Awards; Guest Art Exhibit Curator: Geppi Entertainment Museum, National Arts Club, etc.

About his appointment as the new Director of The Wallace Wood Estate, Spurlock said, "Wallace Wood is a pop-culture icon. Dedicating my experience to the advancement of Wood's compelling legacy is a mission I could not be more enthusiastic about." Spurlock went on to say, "On behalf of the Estate and myself, I would like to thank Bill Pearson, Jack Robinson, Glenn
Wood, Eleanor Wood, Gay Pomeroy, Tatjana Wood, and the Estate of Muriel VanSweringen- Wood for their allegiance."

Wallace Wood photo © Gilbert Ortiz.
Credited reproduction permission granted, courtesy of The Wallace Wood Estate.

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