Atlanta 3/6/2012 11:36:17 AM
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Powerful New Way to Clean all HVAC Coils? Green Air Environmental, LLC have Exploded onto the HVAC Industry Scene with Innovative Green Process

A Guaranteed Process to have an efficent HVAC system

Green Air Environmental, LLC is a Green company that deep cleans coils on HVAC equipment using no chemicals. Our powerful process allows us to extend the life of HVAC equipment, improve indoor air quality, and most importantly, reduce the amount of energy a facility uses for HVAC by 20%. All of this is guaranteed. With a vast improvement in lighting technology over the last decade, HVAC equipment is the highest cost of energy usage in a facility. When a chill water, heating, or steam coil is deep cleaned using our process, its immediately restored to a like new condition, it increase efficiency, no matter the age of the coil.

Our deep cleaning coil process not only reduces the amount spent on energy by at least 20%, but we also

1)Improve indoor air quality because we kill all microbial growth that is present on HVAC indoor coils
2)Improve airflow (cfm's) to all areas of the space because we can penetrate any size coil
3)Increase heat transfer to allow for units to run more efficiently
4)Reduce relative humidity by 20% in the space
5)Extend the life of HVAC equipment

We recently completed a project at the largest hospital in the SE United States. This hospital had a two units that were in the early stages of having the complete units replaced, due to plugged, matted,and inefficient chill water and heating coils. These two units were 21 yrs in age per unit. Green Air Environmental was referred to clean these two units. The hospital had the units tested by a 3rd party test and balance company before we started. After cleaning both units, all plans to replace these two units were halted. The estimated cost to replace these two 30 ton units were in the range of $800,000.00 in cost. The customer was elated stating that the coils looked like they were new! We restored that unit to the day it was opened out of the shipping box some 21 yrs ago, per the 3rd party test and balance company. The airflow (cfm's) were improved some 185%, the unit is running in an efficient manner using less energy, and we saved this hospital tens of thousands of dollars in not having to replace this equipment.

Green Air opened an extra 10k plus (cfms) to the space being served.That is over 16 tons of cooling. Green Air Environmental, LLC deep cleaning these coils, we not only extend the life of the units, but we save the end users from having to spend tens of thousands of dollars in replacing equipment.

We have a guaranteed sustainable program that we offer our customers that we save them 20% in energy costs at their facility. We offer a sustainable program that allows us to clean the coils, lessen drag, thus reducing energy needed for air to flow thru the coils. Doing this increases the delta T (temperature drop across the coil) and also drops the relative humidity in the space, allowing for higher temperature set points, and not giving up on comfort. This is an amazing process that has been ongoing at a SE United States University, and Green Air Environmental, LLC is the first to bring it to the state of Georgia. We'd love to assist in any projects that require a need for cleaning your HVAC Coils. Stop replacing those plugged and matted coils, and let us save you tens of thousands of dollars by using this cutting edge Green technology.

For more information, contact Greg Roulhac at 1.800.383.0744