New York 3/7/2012 6:28:35 AM
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Georgia Senate passes bill that bans illegal immigrants from public college

The millions of illegal immigrants in the country face numerous challenges, besides the prospect of deportation. In the state of Georgia lawmakers have put up another roadblock for immigrants who are not legally recognized.

The state Senate has passed a bill that would bar illegal immigrants from attending public colleges and universities, even if they pay out-of-state tuition. Sponsor of the bill, Senator Barry Loudermilk (R.) said the bill was necessary because the state incurs costs not covered by tuition.

Loudermilk and others in the Senate assert that the bill is necessary because undocumented immigrants take slots away from eligible citizens. He amended to the bill to clarify the issue of “public benefits” and stated that illegal immigrants should not receive them whether are federally or state funded.

University officials in the state have argued that the law isn’t necessary since illegal immigrants do not receive any funding for tuition and pay three times what a state resident would in tuition. But lawmakers are undaunted and the bill was passed.

Many of the college age undocumented immigrant in the country were brought her by their parents without the help of an immigration attorney.

These young people are paying the price for their parent’s choices and have never lived anywhere but the U.S. It may be possible for these young people to eventually hire an immigration lawyer and apply for citizenship, but it often requires they leave the country for at least five years. Hopeful immigrants are encouraged to hire immigration attorneys and get the necessary legal documents before they enter the country.