Raleigh 4/6/2012 12:55:45 PM
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ALIPAC Condemns Candidate David Rouzer's Support for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

ALIPAC is condemning congressional candidate David Rouzer's support for Amnesty for illegal aliens!

Raleigh, NC, USA -- ALIPAC is condemning congressional candidate David Rouzer's support for Amnesty for illegal aliens! He finally admitted to this during a public debate on WECT TV on April 4.

"I lobbied for Amnesty. I worked for a solution," said David Rouzer 12 minutes and 15 seconds into the video debate.

Video for WECT Debate
Pantano presses Rouzer on lobbying for amnesty in WECT debate

"David Rouzer's support for Amnesty for illegal aliens may endear him to some of the unscrupulous big business interests that do not want to obey our existing guest worker and immigration laws," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC. "However, his support for Amnesty puts him at odds with over 80% of the voters in North Carolina's 7th Congressional District who are paying the price of illegal immigration through lost jobs, depreciated wages, stolen taxpayer resources, and preventable crimes."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has endorsed David Rouzer's opponent Ilario Pantano due to Pantano's support for adequate enforcement of America's existing border and immigration laws.

Ilario Pantano has made fighting illegal immigration a top issue in his campaign. He has vowed he will oppose any form of Amnesty for illegal immigrants that would allow them to stay in the United States.

Ilario Pantano has attended recent immigration hearings conducted by the NC General Assembly. His opponent David Rouzer has not attended these meetings even though he serves as a state legislator.

"The voters of North Carolina have a clear choice between Ilario Pantano, who will work to deter illegal immigration, and David Rouzer, who is now on the record supporting Amnesty which will only encourage more illegal immigration to our nation and communities," said William Gheen. "Now that David Rouzer has abandoned his earlier denials and admitted his support for Amnesty our job is to make sure every voter knows about his unpopular stance."

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC plans to raise funds to conduct an automated call to GOP voter households in District 7 warning voters that David Rouzer supported Agjobs Amnesty for illegal aliens in the past and has reaffirmed his support for Amnesty during the recent debate on WECT.