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High-Performance Ceramic Coatings: Markets and Technologies

Ceramic coatings constitute a large family of materials with quite diverse compositions and properties.  They include compositions based on alumina, alumina–magnesia, chromia, hafnia, silica, silicon carbide, titania and zirconia.  Ceramic coatings are generally applied to metal or metallic alloy components or to ceramic components

High–performance ceramic coatings are a special class of ceramics in their form and the preparation techniques required.  However, their uses are diverse, and they exploit the wide range of unique and desirable properties of various bulk ceramics.  Ceramic coatings are generally used for wear- (or erosion-), corrosion- and high temperature-resistant applications.  All ceramic coatings deliver some level of performance in each of the three major areas listed above.

The availability and commercialization of high–performance coatings have already changed the internal specification patterns of certain industries, such as cutting tool inserts.  The useful life of coated inserts is many times the life of uncoated inserts.  This, in turn, has reduced the cost of cutting tool inserts and at the same time has increased productivity.  Similarly, ceramic–coated components for aircraft turbine engines resulted in building large aircraft.  Now, auto enthusiasts are coating certain auto engine components to improve auto engine performance.  Also, ceramic coatings have made it possible for certain large machine components to be repaired in situ.


This new BCC study provides an in–depth analysis of the materials, applications, economics, current markets and trends, and the players.  Forecasts are provided for each major market segment through 2016.  In–depth analyses have been provided for the North American ceramic coatings industry structure, providing detailed information on major players and markets for each application.

Through this report, BCC hopes to provide a better understanding of the North American ceramic coatings industry.  This study provides the most up-to-date information we have gathered on the high–performance ceramic coatings market segments.  The report further describes various kinds of ceramic deposition technologies, new developments and recent patents, advantages and limitations of currently used techniques, and profiles of all North American players involved in this industry.

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