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Home Insurance Values Matter

Homeowners insurance places a value on where you live

Fifty years ago, Rosemary Clooney sang the signature version of “This Old House,” declaring her readiness at long last to walk away from the homeplace. “Ain’t got time to fix the shingles, ain’t got time to fix the floor, ain’t got time to oil the hinges, nor to mend the window pane,” she sang, summarizing the feelings of many a homeowner in the throes of upkeep.


Yet keeping up the property is what homeowners do for aesthetic and practical reasons. They like the beauty and comfort and convenience that a well-maintained home gives them, year in, year out. They also like the appreciating value that a home in good repair develops, eventually rewarding its owner when it is placed on the market. Failure to maintain a home will have a homeowner singing the blues when he tries to sell it.

Home insurance is a vital component in the home maintenance process. It gives homeowners incentive to replace structural elements of the home as needed so that the soundness of the house is never in question, and to do the preventive maintenance—replacing shingles, repainting trim—that keeps underlying materials in sound condition. The incentive is that the investments will be reflected in any settlement that comes if the house is subsequently damaged or destroyed.

Homeowners need to determine just how much home insurance is needed to ensure they are covered against loss but are not over-insured. The latter is possible if the real value of a home improvement is less than what an enamored homeowner believes it to be. Thus, it makes sense to determine in advance of an improvement project just how much value the improvements add to a home and to proceed accordingly.

The contents of a home also should be realistically appraised. Sometimes homeowners fail to realize the bottom line value of all the furniture, appliances, personal items, artwork and other assets. It all adds up when it comes time to replace it. On the other hand, too much sentimental value can be attached to personal belongings, skewing the assessed value. Having an insurance appraiser help establish value is a wise move.

The other component in determining a proper level of home insurance is the estimated cost of replacing the structure in the aftermath of a fire or flood or some other unexpected devastation. If a home has any age on it at all, a replacement structure will cost more than the original.


Maintaining a home and being fully apprised of its value and the value of its contents is a critical responsibility of every homeowner.  Having the proper homeowners insurance coverage to cover the value of your home is highly important in today's marketplace.  Contact Premier homeowners insurance today at 800-554-9142 for a free policy review.