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Affordable Life Insurance Buyers

Affordable life insurance is within reach of everyone

A young person has different insurance needs than a late-middle-aged person. What the two potential insurance buyers sometimes have in common is their bank accounts, which can be meager. So they ask a common question: How can I find affordable life insurance?


The young person might ask the question because he or she has decided to marry and is concerned about the welfare of a special beneficiary should death interrupt the relationship. The older person may be worrying about paying eventual end-of-life bills and leaving a financial gift for loved ones.

So the search for an “affordable” policy begins. Obviously, scrutinizing an individual budget is the starting point for sorting possible policies. Insurance buyers with relatively unlimited income can afford to plunk down money for just about any policy without worrying about its affordability. Affluent insurance shoppers might not always get the best deal, but they literally can afford to pay for that oversight.

Less affluent shoppers will find affordable life insurance by comparing premiums, by reasonably assessing their insurance needs, and by working with reputable insurance agents. In most cases, the range of affordable possibilities will include policies that can fit comfortably within a budget and provide the desired benefits.

But there are factors other than a budget involved in determining an affordable life insurance premium. Some of these fall under the rubric of “life choices.” How a person lives is a large determinant of what the person will pay for insurance. Some of the life factors have to do with how a person treats his body. The body, after all, is what is being insured against ultimate systemic failure, or death. The better condition it is in, the longer it is apt to function.

So a person who regularly fills his lungs with smoke, or consumes immoderate quantities of alcoholic beverage, or regularly abuses drugs not only reduces his chances to live a long life, he reduces his chances of finding affordable life insurance. Physical exams and medical histories will reveal the consequences of these life choices, and premiums will escalate accordingly.


Even if immoderate or unhealthy eating is a person’s only vice, the telltale signs of such habits will show up in exams. Being seriously overweight with resultant joint, lung, and heart stresses is aggravated when a person is unwilling to regularly exercise. Failing to do so adds weak muscles and a vulnerable skeletal condition to the list of physical deficiencies, all of which count against him in his search for affordable life insurance.  Consumers can afford life insurance if they will actively commit to securing it.