Bellingham, WA 5/3/2012 11:35:30 PM
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Aquamira Unveils New Water Bottle Featuring Improved Water Filter, Flow Rate and Bottle Design

Aquamira® announces a redesigned water bottle with replaceable water filter. The new 25 oz. water bottle and filter now features a 100-gallon capacity CR-100 capsule filter and higher flow rate.

Aquamira®, the personal water treatment brand by McNett®, introduces an improved water bottle with replaceable water filter. The new BPA-free Aquamira Water Filter Bottle and CR-100 capsule filter keeps users safe by removing chlorine, odors, bad tastes and 99.9% of Cryptosporidium and Giardia. Recent enhancements to the water bottle include a new ergonomic design, higher flow rate and new bite valve, making it the easiest and most comfortable filter bottle to use.

Made in the USA, the 25 oz. Aquamira Water Bottle includes a replaceable CR-100 capsule filter, which features a 100-gallon capacity and utilizes Aquamira CR Filtration Technology™. Aquamira CR rated filters are tested in accordance to NSF 42 protocols to reduce chlorine, bad taste and odor. CR rated filters are also pre-tested in accordance to NSF 53 protocols for the removal of Cryptosporidium and Giardia. In addition, Miraguard™ Antimicrobial Technology suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media, ensuring the filter stays clean and contamination free between uses.

The new Aquamira Water Bottle and replaceable CR-100 water filter is now available for purchase via online and most outdoor retailers. To find a dealer near you, please visit

About Aquamira
Aquamira, the water treatment brand by McNett, features a variety of portable water filtration and purification products that effectively treat water in all kinds of environments. Included in the Aquamira line are the Frontier™ Straw Filter, the Frontier™ Pro Portable Water Filter System, Water Treatment Drops, Water Purifier Tablets, Sport Bottle Micro Filter and the newly redesigned Water Filter Bottle with CR-100 capsule filter.

About McNett
For over three decades McNett and its family of brands, Gear Aid™, Outgo™, M Essentials™, Aquamira and Camo Form®, have provided quality, innovative products for the dive, outdoor, sporting goods and military markets. Through long-term relationships and a great distribution model, McNett enhances the lives of people working and playing outside. For more information see our website at

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