Atlanta 5/4/2012 11:41:37 PM
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Suicide Attack On Pakistan Market Leaves 20 Dead

A suicide bomber detonated explosives near a crowded market in a tribal region of Pakistan on Friday, killing nearly two dozen people. No group has claimed responsibility, but authorities believe the Taliban is likely behind the attack.

Government administrator Abdul Haseeb said the attack happened in Khar, a main town in the Bajaur tribal area bordering Afghanistan. The suicide bomber targeted a security checkpoint near the market. The area was crowded with soldiers and civilians shopping or walking their children to a nearby school.

The dead included four soldiers and 16 civilians. Six children and at least one woman were among the civilians killed. About 40 people were wounded and more than a dozen shops were damaged. Rescue teams immediately began searching through rubble for survivors.

No other details were available.


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