New York, NY 5/5/2012 2:53:26 AM
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Arts America Introduces SummerArts – A Special On-line Guide for Planning the Perfect Cultural Arts Summer, an online Cultural Arts Guide, announces SummerArts a special section devoted to summer theater, jazz, classical music, dance, multi-art festivals, special arts venues as well as college art museums.

Summer is approaching: the classic time for travel and the numerous opportunities to experience and enjoy the many special cultural arts events and attractions that this season provides. And to help cultural arts enthusiasts everywhere find the best summertime theater, jazz, classical music, opera and dance, Arts America (, the #1 online cultural arts guide in the US, has create a special section – SummerArts.

“Instead of wandering through the many cities we cover on our site – or worse yet, wandering through several different websites,” says Jeffrey Compton, Publisher, “Arts America visitors will now be able to find everything they need to plan the perfect cultural arts summer in SummerArts, no matter where they are traveling in the United States – including Alaska.”

At the top of the Arts America home page is the SummerArts tab. In this section, visitors have access to separate areas for multi-art festivals, theater, classical music, dance, jazz, and opera festivals, college arts museums, as well as outdoor venues (Tanglewood, Hollywood Bowl) that do extensive cultural programming. Each of Arts America’s SummerArts listings (over 100 special summer events, including theater festivals, classical music festivals and jazz events) contains an editor's recommendation, ticket info, discount information, public-transportation options, handicapped access, hours and a performance/exhibition schedule.

“One SummerArts section we are especially proud of,” says Compton, “is our coverage of College Art Museums. Summer is an excellent time to visit the many fine college art collections located throughout America. Along with an excellent museum, summertime college visitors can take advantage of (usually) free parking as well as many low-cost dining opportunities found on college campuses – all in a bucolic setting”.

“If you’re staying closer to home this summer,” said Justin Martin, Executive Editor. “Arts America can help you there as well. We provide links, information and news for over 2000 museums and performing arts organizations in 95 cities in the U.S., including dozens of local summer happenings.”

Each Arts America city's page features an introduction to the arts scene, complete listings of the city’s cultural arts institutions and venues as well as and links to the local arts information and discount sites.

“Besides a daily Art News update and blogs Arts America also offer special sections,” said Compton, “on getting to know more about the arts (Genres) as well as how to get the most out of your cultural arts dollar (More Art, Less $$$) including strategies, free days, discounted performances, subscriptions and memberships, and myriad half-price opportunities.”

Arts America is a non-profit cultural arts website dedicated to increasing the general public’s interest and participation in American theater, dance, opera, classical music, jazz – as well as American museums. The Arts America staff includes Jeffrey Compton (Publisher) and Justin Martin (Executive Editor), along with editors Brooke Pierce (Blogs); Michele Kadison (Dance); Daniel J. Kushner (Classical Music/Opera); Michael Portantiere (Theater); Mark Sanderlin (Jazz), and Celena Cipriaso (Film), as well as over 80 bloggers that cover the arts around the country.