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Glass Tile Warehouse Infographic Details How Kitchens Have Evolved Over the Decades

As a leader in tiles for kitchen design, Glass Tile Warehouse helps its customers find their perfect style—from retro to modern

As kitchen appliances have become both more useful and more attractive over the years, kitchen styles have developed right alongside them. Glass Tile Warehouse chronicles these changes with a brand new infographic that shows how kitchens have evolved over the decade. Using an intriguing blend of photo examples and detailed explanations, Glass Tile Warehouse once again proves why it is more than simply a leading provider of glass mosaic tile with this infographic. The company goes to great lengths to present its customers with DIY tips and design inspiration.

The infographic shows how kitchen designs at the beginning of the last century were largely industrial in nature. Home owners in that era were not so much worried about making their kitchens fashionable as they were with the benefits of an electric stove.

As the years passed, however, appliances became smaller and sleeker. They did more in less time, which made cooking more of an art form rather than a necessity. Following that trend, kitchen fashion became all-important around the 1950s. As kitchens were now the central room of the home, they needed to be attractive places that the entire family could feel comfortable living in.

Today’s kitchens build on the legacy left by decades past. Contemporary kitchen designs incorporate the best of retro style with the convenience of modern living.

That’s what the glass tile trend is all about—combining style and function into one product. They can be used in a variety of different places in and around the kitchen to offer the best of both worlds.

Glass Tile Warehouse helps its customers be successful with glass tile installation guides and design advice. Kitchen do-it-yourself-ers can find what they need to make their own kitchen style ideas a reality at

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