Bend, OR 6/5/2012 1:37:32 PM
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Deschutes River Conservancy Receives Donation from North Rim Fund

North Rim today announced that it has awarded a $20,000 grant to the Deschutes River Conservancy (DRC) from The North Rim Deschutes River Fund at The Oregon Community Foundation. The money will be used for vital operating funds for the non-profit group, as it continues to pursue its mission for restoring streamflows and improving water quality in the Deschutes River.

Tod Heisler, executive director for the Deschutes River Conservancy in Bend, Oregon said, “We are delighted that the North Rim Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation continues to support our work restoring streamflows in the Deschutes River.  With their help, we have achieved a five-fold increase in Deschutes River flows – water that is so critical to wildlife, fish and the quality of life for Oregonians throughout the state.”

The DRC is actively working with irrigation districts and other partners to allow more water, which was historically diverted through irrigation canals, to remain instream in the Deschutes River Basin. As a result of their work over the last 16 years, this section of the Deschutes River has seen a five-fold increase in streamflow during the hot summer months. The improvement to the health of the river, as well as to the resident fish and wildlife, has been dramatic. Similar stories are in progress throughout the Deschutes Basin’s rivers and streams, including the Crooked River, Whychus Creek and other sections of the Deschutes.

To support the work of organizations like the DRC, the North Rim Deschutes River Fund at The Oregon Community Foundation (OCF) was created through the donation of a percentage of all North Rim homesite sales dollars. The fund has garnered nearly $800,000 since its inception in 2004. A board of directors, comprised of individuals from the North Rim Homeowners Association, consults and advises on the allocation of monies in the fund.

About North Rim
At the northern tip of Awbrey Butte inside the city limits of Bend, Oregon, lies the private and serene park-like setting for the community of North Rim. With dramatic views of the Deschutes River, snow-capped mountain peaks and the high desert landscape, North Rim features one-acre and larger homesites within Bend, Oregon city limits. Developed by Brooks Resources Corporation, this 200-acre community maintains surroundings that blend into the natural landscape and preserve the unique character of the high desert. The spectacular homeowners’ lodge, designed by renowned architect Thomas Hacker, is the focal point of the community, giving residents a special place to meet and relax. Residents will appreciate the stunning views and numerous trails that lead through the development to the Deschutes River and its extensive trail system.

About Deschutes River Conservancy
The DRC is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that was founded by the Environmental Defense Fund, the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation and local irrigation districts. In the past  sixteen years, the DRC has built a strong foundation for collaborative work in the Deschutes Basin. The organization’s mission is to restore streamflow and improve water quality in the Deschutes Basin. The DRC objectives are to meet or exceed state water quality standards and to restore the natural hydrograph to the extent environmentally, socially and economically feasible in the Deschutes River and its tributaries. The Deschutes River Conservancy is a nationally recognized leader in river restoration and has set the bar for achieving results through collaboration.

Marie Melsheimer
North Rim
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