Atlanta 6/9/2012 1:02:19 AM
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Truck Containing Dismembered Bodies Left Outside Mexican Government Building

Mexican authorities say a truck parked outside a government building in the northern town of El Mante contained dismembered bodies. Notes were reportedly left with the bodies, but police have not commented on their contents.

According to reports the truck was left outside the mayor’s office on Thursday by an unidentified man. Investigators at the scene counted 14 bodies – 11 men and 3 women. None of the victims have been identified and no arrests have been made. No other details were available.

Last month, a Zetas drug cartel member was arrested for his involvement in the dumping of 49 decapitated and dismembered bodies on a highway outside Cadereyta, a city in the state of Nuevo Leon. The killings were believed to be connected to a territory dispute between the Zetas and rival drug gangs.

Earlier in May, 18 decapitated and dismembered bodies were found in Jalisco state. The bodies were left in two vehicles parked on a highway in Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos, a small town between Guadalajara and Chapala. Authorities believe that gruesome crime was also the work of the Zetas drug cartel and may have been retaliation against a rival drug gang.


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