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Casey Anthony Speaks To Piers Morgan: I Didn’t Kill My Daughter

For the first time since being acquitted of first degree murder in the death of daughter Caylee Anthony, “tot mom” Casey Anthony has spoken to the media about the charges and her life after the trial. Anthony shared her thoughts in a brief phone interview with CNN’s Piers Morgan. Morgan did not play the conversation on his show Tuesday, but did read statements from Anthony.

"Obviously, I didn't kill my daughter Caylee. If anything, there's nothing in this world l've ever been more proud of, and there's no one I loved more than my daughter. She’s my greatest accomplishment,” Anthony said.

Reflecting on her regrets, Anthony said she acted like a “stupid kid” and should have trusted police. "The public perception of me is bad, absolutely horrible," she said. "I was a stupid kid. I've never been a 'party girl,' and I've gone through hell. I'm ashamed in many ways of the person I was."

"I didn't trust law enforcement because of my relationship with my father, who is ex law enforcement himself," Anthony told Morgan. "I didn't give them the benefit of the doubt, which is probably why they didn't give me the benefit of the doubt."

Anthony also denied rumors that she is making money off of her case. "I'm not making gazillions of dollars at the hands of other people, or trying to sell myself to anyone willing to throw a couple of dollars at me," she added.

According to her attorney J. Cheney Mason, Anthony has been spending her time reading books like the popular Hunger Games Trilogy and watching re-runs of I Love Lucy and The Three Stooges. She also works out and is interested in photography. Mason said Anthony would like to become a mother again in the future.

Anthony has remained in hiding since being acquitted last July. She must remain in Florida to complete 1 year of probation in a 2010 check fraud conviction.


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