Atlanta 6/16/2012 1:56:59 AM
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Police Link Fatal Shooting At Canadian University To Armored Truck Robbery

A university in western Canada was briefly placed on lockdown early Friday morning after a fatal shooting occurred during an apparent robbery on campus. Police have not made any arrests. Three people died at the scene and a fourth person was critically wounded.

The shooting happened just after midnight in a shopping and residential area of the University of Alberta in Edmonton. All four victims were armed guards with G4S Cash Services. Police believe the shooting is connected to the apparent robbery of a G4S armored truck that was left running near the company’s offices. A white G4S van was found at the university. Authorities named 22-year-old G4S employee Travis Baumgartner a person of interest. Baumgartner’s whereabouts remain unknown.

"The police investigation is ongoing, and they are chasing leads as we speak," Edmonton police spokesman Scott Pattison told reporters at the scene. "Obviously, detectives are interviewing everybody and anybody that may have seen what happened and possibly the suspect or suspects fleeing the scene.”


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