Atlanta 6/27/2012 4:53:56 AM
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100 Missing in Eastern Uganda After Landslides Bury Villages

An estimated one hundred people in the eastern Uganda district of Bududa remained missing Tuesday following massive landslides.

"It is feared the landslides and floods buried about 29 homes with about 30 people. We cannot as of now establish the exact number of homes and people buried," said Stephen Mallinga, Uganda's minister for relief and disaster preparedness.

Although no bodies have been recovered, the Uganda Red Cross put the death toll at 18. Authorities fear the toll will rise after heavy equipment is brought in to dig through the mud and debris. Rescuers have tried digging with hand tools, but little progress has been made because the mud is too deep and is beginning to harden.

The landslides occurred Monday after heavy rain soaked the area. Three villages were buried.   


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