Atlanta 6/28/2012 3:57:13 AM
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130 Rescued After Boat Capsizes Near Australia

For the second time in  a week a boat carrying asylum seekers capsized in the waters between Australia and Indonesia. The wooden fishing boat from Indonesia was apparently smuggling refugees to Australia’s Christmas Island when it overturned Wednesday. Australian authorities were notified of the accident by the boat’s crew.

The boat was carrying 134 people when it capsized about 120 miles north of Christmas Island and about 115 miles south of Java. According to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, 130 people were rescued from the water. One body was recovered and three people remain missing.  

"Based on information from the survivors, including crew members, it is now believed that there were 134 people on board and that three people went down with the vessel," the authority said.

Last Thursday, a boat carrying about 200 asylum seekers capsized in the same area. Authorities said 110 survivors were rescued from the water. Only sixteen bodies were recovered.  


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