TAYLOR 7/3/2012 3:28:44 AM
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Companies Outsource Food Sanitation to Ensure It's Done Right

In an effort to meet consumers’ demands for cleaner and safer food preparation environments, more companies are turning to professional cleaning services to get the job done

When it comes to food safety, American consumers are demanding more and better safeguards. U.S. demand for food safety products is expected to increase substantially over the next four years as the public becomes more aware of issues surrounding food sanitation and government regulations become tighter.

Because of this increased scrutiny, many restaurants, food processing plants, and other businesses are turning to professional cleaning companies for outsourced food sanitation. These cleaning services specialize in helping businesses improve their food safety practices that decrease the risk of contamination.

Maintaining a Clean Environment for Food Safety

Most businesses that handle food are required to implement a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) plan to ensure that the food production is safe throughout the entire process, not just at the point of consumption. This plan helps companies recognize key points at which food could become contaminated in some way and then taking steps to reduce or eliminate those risks.

A major component of an HACCP plan involves maintaining a clean working environment. This plan should detail which cleaning processes will be used and when as well as which products or chemicals are necessary to for sanitation. Specific details regarding how specific surfaces should be cleaned need to be followed precisely.

Foodservice Establishments and Processing Plants Outsource Cleaning

Food sanitation processes can become complicated very quickly. Ensuring that every employee follows the exact procedure every time is easier said than done, but food handlers cannot afford to become complacent in their efforts.

This is the primary reason that many foodservice establishments and processing plants are outsourcing their cleaning, and even the development of their HACCP plans. They want to make sure that their environments are properly cleaned and sanitized every single time, so they use a professional cleaning service to ensure that it is done right.

Food processing plants, in particular, account for a large part of this trend. As the public becomes better educated about the food production process, the industry is focusing on food safety as a primary concern. For that reason, many plant managers are outsourcing their sanitation to ensure quality food processing plant cleaning.

This increased spotlight on food sanitation and maintaining proper protocol should mean safer food and better service for most consumers. Food handlers of all varieties are taking steps to ensure that the final product they deliver to consumers is safe for consumption.