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Home insurance quotes online are a good start

"Homeowners Insurance Review"

Some home insurance quotes online seem too good to be true. And, in truth, some of them are. A good shopper is a discriminating one and that certainly applies to a homeowner in the market for insurance. Yet it is not true that all Internet home insurance quotes are not worth the paper they are printed on—no paper, no value. Online quotes can be a good starting point.





First of all, they are free. (If there is a fee for a quote, distrust the site.) Ultimately, the host of the site offering the quotes hopes to make some money from an eventual transaction, but that doesn’t devalue the quotes themselves. The home insurance quotes online are legitimate offers from legitimate insurers and serious insurance consumers can shop there seriously.



But the raw quote isn’t the full story. If someone offers to sell you a basket of apples for $10 and someone else offers a basket of the fruit for $5, you naturally are most attracted to the cheaper one—until you look into the basket. If the cheaper basketful contains a rotten apple or two on the top layer, the deal doesn’t look quite as good. This is when you need to dig deeper.



You should at that point empty the basket to see just how many rotten apples it contains. If it contains four soft apples, the $5 price still looks pretty good. But if three-fourths of the apples are inedible, the $5 spent on the remaining good ones does not hold up as a “bargain.” Home insurance quotes also must be explored beyond the surface appeal of a low premium.



How comprehensive is the coverage offered by a policy? How does that coverage compare with policies of lesser, equal, and higher premiums? Furthermore, is the coverage applicable to the home for which it is intended—comprehensive hurricane coverage is a must in Miami Florida home insurance but is of frothy substance to a homeowner whose house sits in Upper Michigan.





In short, home insurance quotes online are a doorway for examination of rival policies. Consumers should be comfortable entering therein when they are in the market for a new policy, but they still have to exercise good consumer judgment as they proceed.