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Car insurance quotes online are only a click away

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You are about to buy a car for yourself or a child. You can’t get behind the wheel and drive it away till you have an all-important matter taken care of: insurance. It is a necessity—and a valuable one for all kinds of reasons—but it also can be a time-consuming distraction. Car insurance quotes online are a way to short-circuit the problem of acquiring insurance.


Some Internet solutions are better than others. People have made mistakes relying solely on the Web to conduct business of one kind of another. Cyberspace is not always the most trustworthy space. But as a starting point for gathering information, it is a wondrous tool. As a way to quickly find comparative car insurance quotes, it offers consumers some quick results.


Popular? Oh, yes. According to digital surveys of the industry, more than 100,000 quotes are issued online every day, more than 3.2 million each month. It is a resource for truly resourceful consumers who may want in the end to purchase a policy from a local insurance agent but are not reluctant to see what’s out there before they walk into an agency to buy.


The beauty of car insurance quotes online is the universality of the marketplace they represent. Because it is necessary to stipulate where a car owner actually lives, an initial survey of quotes eliminates companies that don’t operate in a certain state; the culling of companies is done for a shopper automatically. At that point, the information gets specific.


A buyer’s neighborhood—rural or urban—can color a quote, given such criteria as crime and accident rates in the area. Other fairly generic questions from the online site can determine the possibility of discounts available to a buyer. The industry’s data base then considers the specific information provided and determines a range of pertinent car insurance quotations.


Does the system work? Of the millions of car insurance quotes online every month, a relatively large percentage result in policy buys—2.8 million each year. Millions more of the online shoppers massage the information they received and visit insurance agencies for face-to-face purchases. Either way, the online quotes have satisfied a consumer need.