Atlanta 7/14/2012 3:11:37 AM
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Chinese Boy Recovering After Air Pump Attack

A horrific attack with an air pump left a 13-year-old Chinese boy with severe internal injuries. According to reports, two adult men held Du Chuanwang down and pumped compressed air into his body with an air pump they had inserted in his rectum. The attack happened on June 30 at a car repair shop in Shandong Province. Chuanwang and his attackers worked at the shop. Police spokesman Shi Chuanbin says the two men told police they were “just playing a joke on the boy.” Both men have been arrested.

Chuanwang was rushed to a Shandong hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. Doctors cut open his abdomen to release the air inside his body. Several holes were found in the boy's intestines and his stomach, liver and kidneys sustained severe damage, according to a hospital official. For eight days after the attack, Chuanwang was in a coma. He is now receiving treatment at the intensive care unit of Beijing’s Bayi Children’s Hospital.

"The hospital staff were quite worried about infection in the child's internal organs, because it would be very dangerous if that happened," said an employee of Angel Mom, a charity that is raising money for Chuanwang’s medical bills. "In order to keep this under control more easily, he was taken to the Beijing Bayi Children's Hospital at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday evening.”

A hospital official told CNN doctors “have not yet devised a final treatment plan.”


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