Bradenton 7/28/2012 11:42:10 PM
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Personal Injury Attorney Bernard Walsh Comments On The Aurora Colorado Tragedy

Bernard Walsh, a personal injury attorney from Bradenton Florida with experience in premises liability issues had this to say about the terrible events that occurred at Aurora Colorado.

"Clearly, James Holmes, committed a terrible, violent act in planning and then shooting the patrons watching the Batman movie in Colorado. If we believe the news releases, Mr. Holmes entered the theater, opened the emergency exit door and placed a wedge in the door so it wouldn’t close and lock. Mr. Holmes later re-entered the theater with his weapons by using the emergency exit he had left opened with a wedge. Does the theater owe a duty to their customers to provide a safe place to watch a movie by having theater employees check the emergency exits regularly? Yes, if this would have happened the emergency exit door wedge placed there by Mr. Holmes would have been discovered and the emergency exit door closed and relocked. People have a right to go to movie theaters, shopping malls, restaurants and other businesses open to the public, knowing the business has taken some precautions to protect them. Negligent security is a civil action that exists to compensate losses to the public when businesses fail to provide adequate security to their customers. Negligent security claims send a clear message to businesses to use some of their profits to safeguard their customers."

About Attorney Bernard F. Walsh

Mr. Walsh has been listed in Avvo, an attorney rating site, as Superb; Lexis Nexis/Martindale, another attorneys rating publication, rated him as having very high legal ability and ethical standards. Mr. Walsh is listed in Top Lawyers of America, National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, and inducted into The Southern Trial Lawyers Association. He has also won the largest playground recovery, one of the top three motorcycle recoveries, and the second largest daycare center recovery in the State of Florida. He is also a member of the Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forum. The Multimillion Dollar Advocates Forum is a group of attorneys who have achieved career case successes that include million dollar recoveries, settlements and/or verdicts.

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