London 8/15/2012 8:42:57 PM
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Brazil Arts & Crafts launches unique Amazon jewellery range in the USA, UK and Europe

Brazil Arts & Crafts, the company that provides an outlet for jewellery and arts & craft made by indigenous people in the Amazon rainforest, has launched an e-commerce website that makes these unique products available to the USA, UK and European markets – and beyond.


With the demand for the handmade jewellery and crafts produced from natural materials in the Rainforest growing substantially worldwide, the company decided that it was appropriate to make these hitherto difficult-to-obtain items available to a wider audience.


According to Anderson Queiroz – CEO of Brazil Arts & Crafts: “These works of art and jewellery pieces have always been in great demand worldwide. This is due to many reasons, including that they are very difficult to obtain, and are therefore considered exclusive items. Add to this the fact that buying them represents an investment in sustainability not just of the Amazon rainforest itself, but also the support of the indigenous people and artisan communities who hand-make them; and one has the satisfaction of owning a beautiful and very exclusive item, which at the same time has contributed towards a sustainable environment”.


Anderson adds that people buy the jewellery and crafts both for themselves and to give as gifts, explaining that with the increase in environmental awareness, the jewellery is becoming increasingly popular – especially in the USA, the UK and in Europe - as it is both beautiful and desirable, as well as being environmentally-friendly.


To date, it has been very difficult to obtain these items outside of Brazil or the rainforest, as the indigenous people who make them only sell them locally, and have no organised outlets. To obtain them therefore meant, literally, a trip to the Amazon itself. To remedy this, Anderson set up his own structures with the representatives of the indigenous people, and now assist by enabling the jewellery and crafts to be bought directly from the Brazil Arts & Crafts website, and delivered anywhere in the world.


With interest in things Brazilian increasing due to the build-up to the Rio Olympic Games having begun, and with increasing awareness of the importance of sustainability on all levels, Brazil Arts & Crafts has arrived on the international stage at just the right time to enable wider access to these highly sought items by concerned and discerning members off the public worldwide.