Tampa Bay 9/14/2012 6:30:00 PM
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Clearwater pests watch out for Bingham’s Professional Pest Management

Residence of Clearwater, Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg no longer have to worry about bugs or shady exterminators. For 40 years Bingham’s Professional Pest Management has been eliminating pests for Realtors, Landlords, Property Managers and homeowners alike.

Call us today and schedule a free pest inspection or a second opinion. If we find pest in or under your home we will suggest quick and easy solution that involves a systematic procedure using the right treatment of pesticides, sprays and baits. No matter what pest problem you have in your home or office, Bingham’s can take care of it.

Bingham’s Professional Pest Management will also take care of your lawn with our lawn spraying service. Our Turf Beautification Program includes:

  • Treatment 8 times a year
  • Our fertilizer is phosphate-free, and formulated with premium ingredients for the best results
  • Program is designed for your lawn based on its type, condition and season of the year
  • Moisture management is included at no additional cost to lower watering requirements
  • Annual Soil testing to enhance the performance of our products to beautify your lawn

Our lawn inspection service is 100% free with no obligation and we will provide a detailed report of your lawns needs.

Problem identifying the pests invading your home; Bingham’s Professional Pest Management can help. Nobody knows more about bugs in Florida than Bingham’s and nobody has better pest control services. Call Bingham’s Professional Pest Management and let us take pests out of the picture.

We are a accredited by the BBB and Angie’s list, and we are always licensed, insured and certified.

We accept all major credit cards

Call us at (727) 323-8866