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China Expresses Anger Over Taiwan’s Invitation to Dalai Lama

China has expressed anger over the recent decision by Taiwan to extend an invitation to the Dalai Lama, calling the spiritual leader a “separatist” who continues to try and sabotage the relationship between the two sides.


Despite the opposition expressed by China the decision to allow the Dalia Lama to visit was approved by Taiwan’s President Ma Ying-jeou who said he should be allowed to enter the country and comfort the victims of Typhoon Morakot. The request to allow the Dalia Lama into the country was made by Taiwan’s pro-independence opposition Democratic Progressive Party, a fact not lost on Beijing.


In a statement released from Beijing’s Taiwan Affairs Bureau it was noted, “Some of the people in the Democratic Progressive Party use the disaster rescue excuse to invite Dalai to Taiwan to sabotage the hard-earned positive situation of cross-straits relations.”


The statement also claimed the Dalai Lama “raises the religious banner and continues to carry out attempting to split the country.” Beijing has long accused the Dalai Lama of trying to gain support for Tibetan independence and has vocally opposed his visits to other countries.


While Ma is considered pro-Beijing he has been placed in a difficult position as his popularity in Taiwan has dropped after admitting the government failed to act fast enough in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot. More than 500 people were killed by flooding and mudslides and those numbers continue to grow.




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