Oakland 9/14/2012 5:23:32 AM
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Artistic Photo Blankets Added To Product Line of Printable Memories

Bay Area-based photo gift manufacturer Printable Memories is now offering a new line of personalized photo blankets. The line, Artist Series photo blankets, is a new twist on a classic favorite. Each blanket features a photo, rendered in one of several artistic styles. 

“These photo blankets have an especially unique flair,” says Brian Cash, Founder of Printable Memories. “Rather than just showcasing a photo as-is, customers can choose a style that communicates the content of their photo in a new way, and in a sense, redefine and reframe a special moment in their lives.” 

Customers have a variety of artistic styles to choose from: colored pencil, impasto, crayon, black and white pencil, oil-painted and pastel. Cash explains that the process of choosing the photo and applicable style is almost as creative as painting a picture. “Our customers really have fun designing their photo blanket. Depending on the theme of the photo, the occasion, and the recipient, they can choose a style that is perfect for them. People really get into it and enjoy taking the time to create a beautiful blanket for someone they love.” 

The blankets are soft yet durable, and thanks to a cutting-edge process called dye sublimation, the image itself is resistant to fading and will last through multiple washings. “Many times, when an image is simply printed on fabric, whether it be on a blanket or a t-shirt, the fabric where the image is will be scratchy, and the picture will peel and wear off. The great thing about this process is that the image is dyed directly into the blanket, so it’s much softer.” 

The blankets are a meaningful, one-of-a-kind gift that’s perfect for a variety of occasions. A wedding can be commemorated with an Artist Series blanket featuring a wedding photo of portrait of the couple.  A birthday can be celebrated with a blanket showcasing a baby photo or picture of the recipient’s friends. “The possibilities are endless,” says Cash. “The main thing is that our customers end up with a beautiful personalized photo blanket that can be cherished for generations.” 

About Printable Memories
Printable Memories is a privately owned company based in Oakland, Calif. that specializes in personalized photo blankets and photo gifts. In addition to direct to consumer gifts, this seven-year-old company offers a full range of items customized for business and corporate gifts.