Toronto 9/18/2012 3:38:44 AM
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Progressive Media Group Inc. Announces Early-Bird Pricing for its Corporate Holiday E-cards

Progressive Media Group Inc. has recently announced the availability of early-bird pricing for their corporate holiday e-card products and services.

With their e-card products focused primarily on medium and large businesses, Progressive Media Group Inc.’s early-bird pricing expects to provide a great opportunity for smaller businesses and professionals to acquire a premium e-card solution, at a significantly lower price point.

“Each year, we receive a large number of inquiries from businesses who are sending to small groups or have very limited budgets. Enough of these inquiries end up seeking lower-end solutions, going with stock print cards, or not sending anything at all”, says Derek De Giovanni, Director at Progressive Media Group Inc. Mr. De Giovanni adds, “there are many businesses that have never used an e-card and, believe it or not, there are actually some that don’t even know what an e-card is! Early-bird pricing is our effort to help more businesses begin to use e-cards for holiday marketing, aid companies with limited budgets, and to reward those companies who complete their e-card earlier in the season.”

Progressive Media Group Inc.’s e-cards can be described as high-quality animations that are customized to allow businesses to use their own: logo, corporate colors, holiday greetings, web and social media links; staff photos, signatures, and more. The style of PMG’s e-cards can be characterized as clean, professional, and creative. Their e-cards have been the premium choice for many businesses and organizations over the years.

Progressive Media Group Inc. has also provided an update regarding the development of their ‘do-it-yourself’ e-card platform. They note that the application is currently in testing stages on their new network of servers. Once testing completes, an official beta test will begin. As of yet, no timeline has been disclosed for the official launch.

Progressive Media Group Inc. began participating in the e-card business in 2003, before specializing in business holiday e-cards in 2008. Progressive Media Group Inc. has experienced continued growth in the e-card space, and expects this growth to continue as more and more businesses realize the value of using e-cards for marketing.

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