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3 Climbers Remain Missing In Manaslu Avalanche

Authorities in Nepal have halted the search for three climbers missing since Sunday’s deadly avalanche on Manaslu mountain, the eighth-highest peak in the world. The climbers are believed to be dead.

"The mission is over for now," rescue coordinator Mingma Sherpa told reporters Monday.

Rescuers say the avalanche barreled through two camping zones located about 20,000 feet up the 26,760-foot mountain around 5 a.m. Campers slid more 650 feet before coming to a stop. Several of the 12 survivors dug their way out of the snow to find camping gear and bodies scattered across the area. Many of the survivors were treated for injuries at hospitals in Katmandu.

Rescue teams have recovered eight bodies. Nepal Mountaineering Department chief Balkrishan Ghimire identified the dead as Fabrice Priez, Philippe Lucien Bos, Catherine Marie Andree Richard and Ludovic Paul Nicolas Challeat of France; Christian Mittermeyer of Germany; Alberto Magliano of Italy; Marti Roirg Gasull of Spain; and Dawa Dorji of Nepal.

A total of 231 climbers and guides were on Manaslu at the time of the avalanche.


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