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New Travel Passes for Touring Paris

The new Paris Pass Package being offered by City Case offers travelers a wide variety of discounts on travel, entertainment and culture as well as special amenities and features accessible only by those who choose the customizable Paris Pass. The Member Card that is offered by City Case offers members special rates and discounted meals at a wide variety of restaurants and boutique stores across the historic city, allowing members to indulge in the finest in French cuisine and fashion at a fraction of the usual price. These specials hold their validity for one full year, and are noted in both the City Case Catalog and the provided coupon book.

One of the most valuable amenities provided by the City Case Paris travel pass is the Paris Museum Pass. The Paris Museum pass allows members completely free access to upwards of 60 of the most famous museums and attractions in Paris for the member's choice of two, four or six days in a row. The pass is activated when a member first uses it, and should be marked with the first and last name of the member as well as the current date upon first use. Simply presenting the pass upon entry of these famous museums, attractions and landmarks is enough to grant City Case members completely free access without waiting in those long register lines. Some of the most famed museums and landmarks that are available for free attendance and viewing as a City Case member using the 
Paris Museum Pass include the following:

  • The Louvre Museum
  • The Palace of Versailles
  • The Arc de Triomphe
  • The Towers of Notre Dame
  • Les Invalides
  • The Pantheon
  • Musee National Picasso Paris
  • Centre Pompidou
  • Fountainebleau Castle

In addition to the special discounts and free admissions afforded to City Case members who choose the Paris travel package, a Paris Metro Pass is also included in the price of the package. The Paris Metro Pass includes unlimited travel for the member's choice of two, three or five days in a row, including transport on the metro system, bus routes and other options in the member's choice of zones one through three, which primarily include center city Paris, or zones one through five, which include both center city Paris and such landmarks as Disneyland and Versailles as well as popular travel hubs such as Orly Airport and Charles de Gaulle Airport. The time limit of a day in accordance with the nature of the pass states that the travel day begins at 5:30 am on one day and ends at 5:30 am on the next day.

Additional amenities are available to City Case members when using the Paris travel package, including a boat tour upon the Seine river which departs from the famed Eiffel Tower and lasts for an hour. This tour with Bateaux Parisiens is completely free with a member travel package. Members are also invited to engage in the learning experience of a visit to the Musee du Vin, or Wine Museum, where they will study wine as a historical beverage and the nature of wine making. The museum houses more than 2000 artifacts and is a tribute to the many vintners of the past who have structured the art of creating wine to the finely honed science that it is today. The process of making wine is detailed as well as various cultural traditions that contribute to the wine making process. This admission is free for members and additionally includes a single glass of wine for each guest.

Finally, participating members will also enjoy the convenience of the City Case guide, which details the restaurants that will take the Member Card as well as informing members of the discounts or amenities they will receive at each location. The name, address and contact information of each establishment is also provided. Members will be gifted a special travel case which can conveniently store any tickets, maps and member passes in one place in order to make sure that no pertinent documents go missing or are misplaced. Last but not least, members will also receive a map of the Paris metro system in order to help them navigate the fine city of Paris during their stay.