Atlanta 9/27/2012 10:27:37 PM
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Teen Girl’s Murder Possibly Linked To Peruvian Reality Show

Police say a 19-year-old Peruvian woman’s death may be linked to her appearance on a reality show that requires contestants to make confessions about their lives. Ruth Thalia Sayas Sanchez was the first contestant to appear on “The Value of Truth” over two months ago. On the show she confessed to taking money for sex twice and working at a nightclub. Sanchez won $5,700.

Attorney General Jose Pelaez says Sanchez was found dead on Saturday. She appeared to have been strangled and possibly poisoned. Investigators believe Sanchez’s ex-boyfriend, who has not been identified, killed her because he wanted a portion of the money she won on “The Value of Truth.” Pelaez says police will determine if the show holds “some degree of responsibility” in the case.

Sanchez’s family and “The Value of Truth” host Beto Ortiz have denied the show played any role in the teen’s death. "This television program has absolutely nothing to do with it,” said the girl’s uncle.

"What they are doing is giving an alibi to the defenders of a soulless criminal, because they are taking away his responsibility by saying that television creates monsters,” Ortiz added.


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