Oakland 9/29/2012 6:09:33 AM
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Woven Photo Blankets Introduced to Photo Gift Line Up

Printable Memories, A Photo Gifts Retailer Has Added Woven Photo Blankets To Its Product Line

Online custom photo gift retailer and manufacturer Printable Memories offers a variety of personalized photo gifts and has added woven photo blankets to their online catalogue. Woven photo blankets, like their other blankets, feature a photo chosen by the customer on the front. 

“The woven blankets are a step up from most photo blankets out there,” explains Brian Cash, owner and Founder of Printable Memories. “In addition to the fabric being a woven cotton and having a wonderful texture, the image is actually woven into the fabric rather than being printed on the surface or silkscreened. This allows for greater image quality and depth, brighter colors, and a longer life of the product.” The process Cash describes is called “dye sublimation”, and also ensures a blanket that has a soft, consistent texture throughout. The image is resistant to fading and peeling, and will last through multiple washings. 

Customers also have several choices when they decide to have a woven photo blanket created by the team at Printable Memories: they can choose to have an image on one side only or opt for a double-sided blanket featuring a photo on each side. They can also have a photo collage blanket, which showcases up to four photos. “We really want to make these woven blankets as unique as possible, so we give customers lots of choices along the way,” notes Cash. “It’s fun for people to go through old boxes and albums, or image files on their computer and choose the photo that best suits the occasion. People really kind of get into it.” 

Woven photo blankets are also a good choice in terms of versatility. The blanket can be used as a throw on the bed, couch, or a favorite chair. It is also the perfect texture and style to be hung as a tapestry. 

“These days, it’s hard to find a gift that really means something,” says Cash. “It’s easy to buy a gift at the last minute and not really think of the recipient. These blankets give people the opportunity to give a lasting, thoughtful gift that will be cherished for years to come.” 

About Printable Memories
Printable Memories is a privately owned company based in Oakland, Calif. that specializes in personalized photo blankets and photo gifts. In addition to direct to consumer gifts, this seven-year-old company offers a full range of items customized for business and corporate gifts.