Atlanta 10/5/2012 2:28:28 AM
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St. Maarten Police Say Suspect Has Confessed To Killing American Couple

St. Maarten Public Prosecutor Hans Mos says 28-year-old Meyshane Johnson has confessed to being involved in the slayings of Michael and Thelma King. The South Carolina couple was found stabbed to death inside their oceanfront condo in Cupecoy last month.

Solicitor General Taco Stein says the investigation is ongoing. "We have to work out in detail exactly what happened and who else is involved. The first suspect confessed to being involved in the murders, but we will not release any details because we need that information to remain confidential so we can work the case,” Stein said.

Mos also confirmed Johnson confessed to robbing a restaurant last month. No details on that case have been released.

On Tuesday, St. Maarten authorities confirmed a second man had been arrested in connection with the Kings’ murder. The 17-year-old suspect, who has been identified by his initials J.C.M., was taken into custody around 4 p.m. Monday in the Cole Bay area. It is unclear what led authorities to the teen.

The Kings were found dead on Friday, September 21. Michael King, 53, was found draped over a chair while Thelma, 57, was found tied to another chair.


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