Burleigh Heads 10/22/2012 12:59:48 PM
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Macwater Water Technology and Solutions bring you CCTV pipe & drain inspections

Most people are not aware that CCTV cameras can be used to inspect pipes and drains. As Gold Coast Plumber Macwater bring you advanced solutions by checking the pipes and drains for any anomalies. Even though the drain may have been cleaned and unblocked by Macwater, it is important to identify a potential problem like a blockage downstream that is not yet visible.

The advantage of the CCTV service from Macwater is that it gives you an accurate idea of what could be wrong with your drains and also saves time and money on future problems.

If there are breaks or obstructions in the drain, CCTV cameras give the exact location and depth of the problem for Gold Coast Drain Cleaning. This helps to take a decision for Gold Coast Leak detection by doing pipe replacement or relining of pipe work. Roots that block the drain further downstream can be eliminated with the help of Vaporooter chemical tree root control.

If the problem is identified as not yours and comes under the Allconnex Water Blocked Sewer policy then the council will take responsibility and meet the cost of the plumber’s bill to clear and identify the blockage.
Macwater through the CCTV camera inspections prevents your property from being destroyed while rectification by locating the exact reason for blockage.

What’s more is that Macwater Plumbing gives you a full report and DVD copy of the condition of the drain if you so require. If any building activity is being performed within 2 meter of a sewer main, the council often requires DVD reporting of sewer mains’ pre and post condition. To meet the Council requirement, Macwater can supply this report to you.

Sad, but true, if someone is selling a house, you don’t want blocked drains and pipes. We give you the facts and also honest cost-effective solutions to help you to rectify it in the short or long term as per your convenience. Of course if the matter is more severe, we would suggest you to address the problem early to save haphazard drainage problems and the cost of repairing them.

In short, for problem free drains and great solutions, employ Macwater CCTV camera services and effective solutions.

Macwater Water Technology & Solutions bring you premium Gold Coast Plumbing solutions. We do everything from concrete cutting, water service renewal, Gold Coast Drain Cleaning, Gold Coast Leak detection, sewer cleaning, vaporooter sewer root foaming, pipe repairs. As Gold Coast Plumber, we also bring you services like pipe tracing, backflow testing, CCTV inspections, strata title, etc.