Irvine, CA 9/4/2009 4:39:43 AM
News / Sports Provides New Ways for Divers to Meet and Connect Online has continued to expand its vibrant online diver web pages with new features and expanded membership. There are currently nearly 900 active divers from 57 countries participating, and more divers joining every day. These diver “me” pages facilitate dive buddy connections and provide a place for anyone to share and discuss their scuba diving adventures. Each diver gets a unique webpage address which they can choose based on their desired nickname which they can easily share with their friends.

Divers who are looking for a buddy for their next dive can use the dive buddy search to find divers by location, gender, interests, and favorite dive gear, favorite dive locations, activities, or music, TV shows, movies or novels. Anyone with an account can add other divers as their virtual dive buddy to stay connected.

Divers can also connect by writing notes on each other’s virtual dive slates. To date nearly 1,000 comments have already been posted by divers all over the world. Discussions range from diving equipment questions, to dive travel recommendations, to random comments about life.

One of the most popular features of the diver web pages is the photo upload section where divers can share their scuba diving photos.  Currently there are over 1,500 high quality underwater photos, and this section continues to expand. has enhanced this popular feature to allow photo comments on any photo, as well as photo tagging to make it easier to browse the photos which are most interesting to each diver.  Another part of this new feature rollout is easier photo navigation to make it easier to browse through the expanding collection of photos. Anyone with a free account can upload as many photos as they want.

Not only is membership to this diving community free, but is also running a Diver Webpage Contest where users vote on their favorite dive profile. The winner with the most votes will win a $100 gift certificate good for any scuba gear or snorkeling equipment on the website.  

Scuba diving is all about experiencing the amazing underwater world with fellow divers. The online diving community facilitates these experiences by providing a place for divers to meet and share their common passion for scuba diving online, regardless of where they live. General Manager Melinda Herndon states “My goal was to get divers to share their feedback on different dive locations around the world.  I wanted each diver to feel that they had 1,000+ dive buddies out there located all over the world.  When I read some of the dive slate posts and see that people are actually meeting online and then connecting with new friends with similar interests…well, my expectations have been exceeded.  I extend my hearty thanks to our dive community for their participation.”

If you haven’t already, dive in and setup your free diver webpage now at