Ft. Lauderdale 10/25/2012 11:47:23 AM
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Z-Connector: Best way to make Smartphone’s Secure as a Pocket Watch

With the Vintage trend in full swing, and showing no sign of slowing down although 2013 is about to arrive, Vintage lovers who enjoy their tech gadgets are in for a treat with Z-Connector. The Z-Connector is a fashionable chain attachment which easily secures to Smartphone. It acts like the chain of a vintage pocket watch yet attaches to a modern day Smartphone. The Z-Connector debuted Sept. 22 and is sold exclusively online.

Z-Connector is the latest thing, turning Smartphone into a 21st Century pocket watch. Z-Connector is a chain that connects Smartphone to either a individual or bag, an idea familiar to those who have ever used a wallet chain. Z-Connector is innovative and stylish product that keeps Smartphone as safe as pocket watches.

Rhonda Burke Spero is the co-owner and designer of Z-Connector. Spero received her B.F.A, M.E.D, and PhD. from The Ohio State University. She was a Professor at University of Miami's Department of Education and has been a professional dancer. To save her son from wasting money on new phones and hundreds of dollars on cell phone insurance, Spero designed the Z-Connector and the Direct z Connect (DzC) so that her son's Smartphone and his body would be like two dancers elegantly connected in a pas de deux that would never result in a dropped, lost or stolen phone.

The Z-Connector is based on a pretty simple idea “Peel. Stick. Connect” and will serve its purpose for those to whom the potential of a stolen cell outweighs the hassle of assembly. The Z-Connector works similarly with one end of the Z-Connector Designer Chain connected to the DzC or Z-Connector apparatus on the back of Smartphone and the other end connected to clothing, purse, briefcase, book bag, etc. The Z-Connector is best way for keeping Smartphone safe and thus in a way reducing phone data thefts.

Z-Connector is functionally a fashionable security system for businessmen and women, busy moms, teens and young adults who want to 'stay connected' to their personal Smartphone. Z-Connector allows people to keep their phone safe and on hand just as grandpa used to stay attractively tethered to his pocket watch. The Z-Connector is available in gold, silver and black colors.