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Liberator Inc. (Stock Symbol: LUVU) is now on

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About Liberator Inc.

The idea for Liberator began in early 2001 in – of all places – a hair salon. Sitting in the waiting area reading magazines, founder Louis Friedman stumbled on an article that would not only change his sex life, but the sex lives of thousands of people all over the world. The article was simple: use pillows during sex. So simple, yet so dramatic. Mr. Friedman thought, “What if I made a cushion that was firm and shaped at just the right angle?” The rest is history… With that gem of an idea, several patents, and $2 million in start-up capital, an iconic brand was born. Now, nearly a decade later, you can find Liberator products in over 1,500 retail and e-commerce locations in the U.S. alone, with a growing international presence. Liberator products have appeared in widely recognized movies like Meet the Fockers and Burn after Reading, as well as reality TV shows like The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Dr. Oz. The company also strives to continuously broaden its marketing reach through the internet, social media, trade events, and product placement. An upcoming book, Sex Positions You Never Thought Possible, written by the Liberator team will further enhance brand awareness. The acceptance of Liberator has been so successful that the product line can even be found on mainstream retail websites like, and, just to name a few.