Atlanta, GA 12/5/2012 10:10:00 PM
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Next Fuel Inc. (OTCQX: NXFI) Developing Clean Energy Technologies for Production of Natural Gas from Coal

Finding an alternative solution for the production of natural gas from coal and other pollution-heavy resources requires the development of clean energy technologies and Next Fuel Inc. (OTCQX: NXFI) continues to advance their innovations, creating a method in which pollution-heavy resources can be converted into natural gas.

At the forefront of Next Fuel’s advancements is their flagship biogenic coal-to-natural gas (BCTG) technology that utilizes a proprietary enhancement package that increases bioavailability of coal compounds and essential nutrients that stimulate microbial activity to transform the compounds to natural gas.

Next Fuel’s patent pending BCTG technology integrates biotech in conventional coal industry and produces the next generation of“green” fuel, offering great potential in producing natural gas from otherwise gas-depleted coal, oil shale, and other organic-rich natural deposits and having established long-term strategic partnership with leading resource owners in coal, oil and gas, utility, oil shale, oil sand, and other energy-related industries, providing them with a competitive edge in technology implementation.

By working with strategic partners and resource owners Next Fuel has been commercializing their BCTG technology worldwide, having already implemented the BCTG technology in Indonesia and China, producing substantial amount of natural gas from lignite (brown coal) mine that had no previous gas production.

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