Atlanta 12/21/2012 6:14:37 AM
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Bodies From Boat Sinking Wash Ashore In Northern Somalia

More than a dozen bodies washed ashore in northern Somalia this week following the sinking of a boat carrying at least 60 illegal migrants.

Authorities in Bosasso, a port city in the northeast region of Puntland, say 20 bodies were found on the shore. Three other bodies were pulled from the ocean. At least 32 other people remain missing and are feared dead. Local authorities say the 5 survivors are all being treated at Bossaso Public Hospital.

The boat left Bosasso early Monday, but capsized about 6 miles into its journey because of overcrowding. No other details on the accident were available.

Authorities say the travelers were from Somalia and Ethiopia. They paid to be smuggled to neighboring countries like Yemen.

“The Puntland government has reduced the cases of human trafficking and smuggling however there are tragic cases like these that remind the Puntland government to continue improving its struggle with these illegal trades,” said Deputy Minister of Health Zaynab Ugaas Yasin.


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