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Author Patricia R. Blumhagen Feature on Close-Up Talk Radio

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 Close-Up Talk Radio Spotlights Patricia R. Blumhagen

Ashley Falls, MA – Spiritual coach, poet, and author Patricia R. Blumhagen certainly shares the beauty of life through her work. As a child, Patricia became fascinated with writing with dreams of one day becoming an author. She had the dream but lacked the avenue to display her passion.

Patricia’s life has been an extraordinary journey and along her way Patricia earned a nursing degree from Staten Island Community College, a Bachelor of Science from Richard Connolly College, The Brooklyn Center of Long Island University, became a certified nutritional consultant, and was ordained an Interfaith Minister by the New Seminary. Her direction wasn’t always so clear and Patricia had to search deep within herself to find her path.


At 19 years of age, the aspiring writer joined a convent where she spent the next 21 years. “The word vocation expanded and I found myself disconnected from the organization,” says Blumhagen. “I walked around numb for six months. It was an extremely difficult time for me. One night, while still with the convent, I had this dream. The next morning I painted the figure from my dream. It was an awakening. It led me to wholeness. This is where my spiritual journey was revived and it gave me a new purpose for writing.”


“Words would just flow. I wrote to find feeling. Poetry came from my deepest being. It took time to understand myself and the poems exhibit much of the process of understanding.”


In 2011, Patricia released Winter’s Mystery to rave reviews through her publishing company Reinventing Health Publishing. Winter’s Mystery is a collection of poems and photographs, a memoir of the spiritual journey that Patricia traveled. It shares the details of how people can overcome adversity, conflict, and trauma.

“I went from a victim to powerful person. I’ve realized that nothing is impossible. I just had to keep searching. My journey was incredibly intense and when I realized where I was spiritually, Winter’s Mystery was complete. But it’s a continuous journey, a mystery, and I want to help people find their own understanding.”

As an Interfaith Minister and spiritual midwife, Patricia takes great pride and responsibility for helping people understand their stations and situations in life. “It is something they need to look for inside of themselves. I want to gift others the courage to discover and share their own inner knowing, rebirthing the true self buried for years.”  

Patricia R. Blumhagen will be featured in a 4-part series on Close-Up Talk Radio with hosts Jim Masters and Doug Llewelyn at on January 9th and January 16th at 730pm EST. The feature will continue on January 23rd and January 30th at 130pm EST. Listeners are encouraged to dial-in at 347-996-3389.


For more information about Patricia R. Blumhagen, her fascinating work in spiritual guidance, her writing, and all of her workshops visit,, call 413-229-8179, or email

Contact: Patricia R. Blumhagen

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