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Booty Kamp Brand To Launch In 2013

The infectious, hook laden mass appeal of Booty Kamp is set to take Europe by storm. Produced by Chill Will (Formerly known as Willie Wilcox) Booty Kamp launches an all out assault with radio friendly, pop dance club bangers driven by the Iconic and timeless "Betty Boop." The first single features New York rap artist Nemesis.

"Booty Kamp," Willie's latest musical fantasy is unadulterated party pop dance music fun at it's best. "Booty Kamp is all about having a good time," says Wilcox. "I have always been in love with pop radio loaded with hooky melodies and infectious grooves. I launched Booty Kamp as an outlet to express this pop side of myself that has always been at the core of my soul." With the recent popularity of EDM hitting the pop music charts the timing couldn't be more perfect.

Willie chose the thematic material of Betty Boop as the Launchpad for his first single release. "Betty is Iconic and timeless," says Wilcox. "I love the idea of mixing the musical ideas and sounds from the 20's and 30's and melding them with todays dance club sounds and beats. Betty is so visual and loved by all."

Willie is currently the senior audio director at Bally Technologies in Las Vegas. A Fortune 500 Company with a worldwide presence. "I bring my real-world experience to the process, borrow from the past in terms of how I make music for records, and try to assimilate my ideas into what the company needs for its slots."

What the company needed was a Michael Jackson game, and Wilcox delivered the audio sound design, edits and surround mixes, spending a year developing it."

Using all the original stem tracks from Michael's records; "Bad," "Beat It," "Billy Jean," "Smooth Criminal," & "Dirty Diana," supplied by the record label, Willie remixed the tracks-not in stereo, but a true, original, surround-sound mix that took into account all the separate elements of each of the game's five tracks.

And the result is stunning. Bally's Michael Jackson King of Pop slot machine & game chair (which Willie also helped to design) debuted and wowed the crowds at the Global Gaming Expo this fall in Las Vegas. It offers the rush of pleasure that comes with being engulfed in cinema digital surround sound.

Booty Kamp will make it's 2013 debut in Cannes, France at this years 2013 Midem convention.

Industry veteran Glenn Friedman of "The Music Umbrella," will be representing the Booty Kamp brand.

Date: 26-29 January, 2013
Where: Cannes France
Contact: Glen Friedman (310) 804-2266

Booty Kamp.
"Puttin' The Boo Back in the Booty"