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Sama Resources Inc. (Stock Symbol: TSX.V :SME) is now on

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About Sama Resources Inc.

Sama Resources Inc ("Sama") - (TSX.V :SME | US: LNZCF ) is a growth-oriented resource company focused on exploring the Samapleau Nickel ("Ni") - Copper ("Cu") project in Ivory Coast, West Africa. The company is well financed and managed by experienced industry professionals with a strong track record of discovery. Sama, together with its partner La Société de Développement des Mines de Côte d'Ivoire ("SODEMI") is committed to develop and exploit the Samapleu Ni-Cu and Platinum Group of Elements ("PGE") Resources as well as evaluating the newly discovered Massive Chromite occurrences found along a 19km northeast-southwest oriented ridge (Gangbapleu-Bounta Ridge). These Massive Chromite occurrences, in addition to having significant potential by themselves as possible candidates for direct shipping economic material, are indicative of a highly favorable geological environment for additional Samapleu Ni-Cu style mineralization. Field evidences collected so far suggest a stratiform origin for these Massive Chromites which belong to the magmatic Chromium ("Cr")-Ni-Cu-PGE deposit type associated with layered mafic to ultramafic intrusions. The Samapleu project also hosts a significant amount of Ni-Cobalt ("Co") rich laterite material, known as the Sipilou South laterite deposit, located 5 km northwest of Samapleu Ni-Cu+PGE deposits.