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News / Consumer Goods to Donate to Seva Foundation

One day fund raiser to be held by True Tobacco on January 25th, 2013 - All Racer Little cigar sale profits will be donated to Seva Foundation general manager Nick Gordon announced yesterday that all profits from the sale of Racer Little cigars made on January 25th, 2013 will be donated to the Seva Foundation. The Seva Foundation delivers eye care services to vulnerable populations around the world.

The Seva Foundation is the latest beneficiary of TrueTobacco's drives on behalf of humanitarian organizations. TrueTobacco has chosen 36 nonprofits that make a positive difference in the world. Each nonprofit will receive all proceeds from the sales of one of TrueTobacco's more popular products on the designated day. The donation campaign will be taking place throughout the year.

"We believe in giving back to the community," says general manager Nick Gordon. "After all, no business succeeds without the support of the community. When that business is on the Internet, 'community' has a much broader geographic base. That's why TrueTobacco supports both national and international organizations alike."

The World Health Organization estimates that eight out of every ten cases of blindness can be corrected with the right medical treatment. Yet 90 percent of the world's blind live in developing nations where they have only limited access to medical treatments.

Since the Seva Foundation was created in 1978, the organization has restored eyesight to over three million people living in such places as Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal and Tibet. In 2010 alone, Seva performed over one million eye exams and 85,000 cataract operations through its mobile eye camps.

Rather than relying on outside medical providers, Seva trains local health care workers to provide basic eye care services within their communities. Seva also works with locals on blindness prevention programs. The Seva Foundation provides a necessary service, and it provides that service in a sustainable fashion.

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About the Seva Foundation: The Seva Foundation provides sustainable eye care programs to vulnerable populations in areas where access to health care is extremely limited. The Foundation was founded in 1978 by a group that included spiritual leader Ram Dass (Richard Alpert), clown and activist Wavy Gravy, and public health scientist Dr. Larry Brilliant.

On the international scene, the Seva Foundation is focusing on the prevention of blindness. Through the SEVA-sponsored Center for Innovation in Eye Care, SEVA is building an international network of Centers for Community Ophthalmology (CCO). CCO partners to date include major health care centers in Egypt, Guatemala, India, Nepal, Tanzania and the United States.

On the domestic scene, the Seva Foundation is involved with Native American community health initiatives. Approximately 17 percent of all Native Americans struggle with diabetes, a leading cause of blindness.

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