Ayer 1/27/2013 10:26:32 AM
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Quiet Logistics Expands Recycling Partnership with KLT Industries Inc.

Company remains at the cutting edge of recycling by installing a baler for plastics recycling.

Quiet Logistics of Devens, MA, has finalized the last component of a comprehensive recycling program by installing a baling machine for plastics recycling. KLT Industries Inc. of Ayer, MA has continually monitored improvement opportunities in Quiet Logistics' waste stream for the past year and suggested the baler as a more efficient method to handle plastics recycling.

"Quiet Logistics' growth in the past year has been phenomenal. As a result, their output of recyclable materials has steadily increased prompting the installation of a baler for plastic film," states Joseph Bozek Account Manager from KLT Industries. Bozek continues, "in rapid growth stages, we have seen many companies neglect to implement recycling programs that help reduce solid waste. However, Quiet Logistics’ Management has been proactive through every stage of growth, and the statistics below prove their commitment to recycling."

-On average Quiet Logistics recycles 28 tons per month of compacted cardboard with KLT Industries which translates into saving 476 trees from being harvested while conserving nearly 200,000 gallons of water monthly from being used for virgin pulp production
-The implementation of a plastics baling program will help Quiet Logistics more efficiently handle their current average of 4 tons of plastic monthly while conserving over 65 gallons of oil from being used for new plastic production
-In 2012, Quiet Logistics recycled over 100 times more material with KLT Industries than it sent to a landfill: 733 tons vs. 7 tons.

Brian Lemerise, Senior Director of Third Party Logistics for Quiet Logistics, states, “We are thrilled about extending our recycling partnership with KLT Industries to now include baling plastic. KLT Industries has and continues to help Quiet Logistics minimize solid waste output by paying close attention to our waste stream. We now recycle all of our various plastic grades, cardboard, paper and even paper board with KLT Industries and continue to select packaging options that are recyclable.”

The established partnership between Quiet Logistics and KLT Industries, located within 5 miles of each other, typifies the importance of working locally while maintaining a global focus on preserving the environment.

About KLT Industries
KLT Industries is the leading processor of baled cardboard in the Northeast and also picks up millions of pounds of paper and plastic each month. All material is generated locally, picked up locally and recycled locally. Head quartered in Ayer, MA, KLT Industries also has locations in Webster MA and North Smithfield, RI. KLT Industries services large and small customers and highly encourages businesses to take advantage of our free waste audit service to determine additional recycling opportunities. http://www.KLTIndustries.com

About Quiet Logistics
Quiet Logistics is the eCommerce fulfillment provider of choice for leading brands and e-tailers. Quiet combines best-in-class technology with a deep understanding of brand care to deliver a precise and highly personalized customer experience for its clients. In addition to traditional third-party fulfillment, Quiet offers Managed Services, an “in-sourced” approach to eCommerce operations that leverages Quiet’s technology, processes and management in client-owned distribution centers.

Quiet Logistics’ precision makes the impossible—shipping thousands of orders a day across dozens of brands without an error—seem routine. http://www.quietlogistics.com