Humble 1/30/2013 3:06:21 AM
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Global Clean Energy, Inc. Appoints Chief Development Officer to Management Team

Global Clean Energy, Inc. (PINKSHEETSGCEI) (the "Company"), an alternative biofuels company focusing on waste-to-energy conversion solutions, is pleased to announce the addition of Steven R. Mann as the Company's Chief Development Officer.

The addition of Mr. Mann to the Company comes as a direct result of the recently announced joint venture agreement between Global Clean Energy, Inc. and MicroEnergies, LLC. The appointment provides for a singular focus at the senior level to manage the various projects under development at both companies with Mann. The move allows for Mann to be responsible for overseeing both present and future alternative fuels projects of GCEI. 

"Adding Mr. Mann to our senior management team was the natural progression of our joint venture with MicroEnergies and allows us to bring his leadership and acumen to GCEI to guide our myriad of projects to fruition," stated Brian Levine, Chief Operating Officer of Global Clean Energy, Inc.

"I'm very excited to join GCEI and the deep talent pool of their management and engineering team. This combination of experience and leadership will propel our projects forward," stated Steven Mann, newly appointed Chief Development Officer of the Company. Mann is recognized in the industry for packaging feedstock, off-take agreements, and technology partners to create viable alternative energy projects.

With the new management team in place, the Company is excited to be moving forward on their development plans for alternative fuels projects utilizing tires, plastic and algae to create high value liquid fuels.

About MicroEnergies, LLC
MicroEnergies, LLC is an alternative energy development company specializing in proven state-of-the-art gasification and plasma technologies to create waste to energy developments that safely and efficiently eliminate hazardous waste into usable, high value products in an environmentally friendly manner.

About Global Clean Energy, Inc.
Global Clean Energy, Inc. is a waste-to-energy conversion solutions company, focusing on using available and developing technologies to convert waste into commercially viable energy, a process the company refers to as Reforming Environmental Salvage into Clean Usable Energy (R.E.S.C.U.E.).

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