Washington, DC 10/1/2009 1:58:52 AM
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Global Warming Non-Believers Are Exiled, Reports SPPI

“The price for speaking out against global warming is exile from your peers, even if you are at the top of your field,” says the Science and Public Policy Institute [SPPI].


A new SPPI paper, Exile For Non-Believers, exposes a supposed scientific group that not only stopped a leading researcher from attending their meeting, but then—without providing the evidence—applauds the UN IPCC and recommends urgent policies to reduce greenhouse gases.


Says author, Joanne Nova, “What has science been reduced to if bear biologists feel they can effectively issue ad hoc recommendations on worldwide energy use?  How low have standards sunk if informed opinion is censored, while uninformed opinion is elevated to official policy? If a leading researcher can’t speak his mind without punishment by exile, what chance would any up-and-coming researcher have?”  Dr. Mitch Taylor, the black-balled polar bear specialist gets to the heart of the matter, “It’s a good way to maintain consensus”.  


Taylor received notice of his exile from, Andrew Derocher a noted alarmist and collaborator with the leftist Center for Biodiversity.  Wrote Derocher, “I do believe, as do many PBSG members, that for the sake of polar bear conservation, views that run counter to human induced climate change are extremely unhelpful…. Nothing I heard had to do with your science on harvesting or your research on polar bears - it was the positions you've taken on global warming that brought opposition.” Derocher said further that Taylor’s comments in an SPPI paper co-authored by Dr. Dowsley -- Demographic and Ecological Perspectives on the Status of Polar Bears -- were “unhelpful” to the global alarmist cause and contributed to the black-balling.  In his SPPI paper, Taylor had honestly observed that, “The concern that polar bears will decline if the climate continues to warm is valid. However, the assertion that polar bears will become extinct unless immediate measures are taken to curb greenhouse gas emissions is irrational because it is inconsistent with the long-term persistence of polar bears through previous periods of warming and cooling; and because the IPCC climate model predictions 50 and 100 years into the future do not suggest a future with insufficient sea ice to support polar bears as a viable species.”   


Says SPPI president, Robert Ferguson, “Sadly, exile and personal attacks have been progressing practices in the climate related sciences and their organizations and journals for about two decades.  Increasingly, the disturbing outcomes have been fabricated and/or cheery-picked data in service to leftist political agendas.  Government financed scientists and non-scientists alike decapitate science organizations like the American Meteorological Society and the American Geophysical Union, push out rationalists and dissenters and ignore or intimidate the broader membership.  The new board members then further exhibit their anti-science natures by claiming “consensus,” a purely political concept and behavior.”

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