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Close-Up Tallk Radio Spotlights Author Frank Jakubowsky

Close-Up Talk Radio Spotlights Author Frank Jakubowsky
Oakland, CAMany people struggle to find truth. There are concepts in the world that seem beyond comprehension. For over 30 years, author Frank Jakubowsky has written twelve books offering various findings and answers to some of the most bewildering questions of the world and is an expert of the Spirit of truth. From questions of faith, the universe, to personal development: Jakubowsky has written books on a magnificent variety of topics interesting to all readers including My Inspirational Stories, which is a collection of stories that summarizes Jakubowsky’s life.
Available at www.amazon.com and www.atlasbooks.com, Jakubowsky shares his life experiences and presents his personal stories involving romance, historic events, self-discovery, and spiritual awakenings in My Inspirational Stories. With personal anecdotes of romance, My Inspirational Stories is a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for a loved one.
With rave reviews, Jakubowsky maintains a quite humble view on his work and continues to work on new releases for the future. At www.westbowpress.com, readers can find Jakubowsky’s other works including Creation, God Looked Down and Saw a Baby, Thank God I Am Alive, and Whitman Revisited.
Author Frank Jakubowsky will be featured on Close-Up Talk Radio in a two-part interview with host Jim Masters at www.blogtalkradio.com/closeuptalkradio on February 6th and February 15th. Both shows will air at 7pm EST on their respective dates.
For more information about Frank Jakubowsky call 510-763-4324 or email